It's bright! It's colorful! It's NEON! Fire it up with our new NEON Collection!

You thought we would give your nails a break after the launch of our Mix & Match Collection? Nah-ah, girl! Fasten your seat belt. Cause we're back with an extra dose of Va-Va-Voom for your nails with our new NEON Collection! 


Oh, but that's not all! Thanks to our new matte Top Coat, you can give your neon-colored manicure even more radiance. You don't think so? Then you should definitely read on and take a look at our Neons:

Acid Trip

Attention! Constant gazing at this flashy design can cause euphoria. Especially if the neon yellow Acid Trip is sealed with our matte Top Coat. You can add individual accents to your nails with our Mix & Match design Metropolis for some extra BOOM! Caution: This combination can lead to side effects such as envious looks and inevitable compliments.

Danger Danger

You'll need a gun license for this design, girl. Cause the bright neon orange of Danger Danger knocks out every one of your observers! Add Silver Linings from our Mix & Match Collection and your manicure will be as dangerous as C4 explosives. Warning: Sealing Danger Danger with our matte Top Coat can cause severe irritation to your observers!


Wearing this design, you should leave the house with a warning around your wrists. The (radio)active neon radiation that emanates from this bright poisonous green design is dangerous! Extreme caution should be exercised when wearing Radioactive in combination with the Mix & Match design Broken Mirror and our matte Top Coat


People around you should better fasten their seatbelts! The intense neon pink luminosity of Shockwave, especially with a matte finish, carries everyone into other dimensions. Attention: In combination with Gypsy Heart, Shockwave can lead to permanent concentration problems.

Pimp my Neon Nails

In addition to these 4 bright neon colors, which will spice up our solid color range, you can expect the following 2 limited designs.

Fast Lane

Attention speeders: With this design, there is no speed limit and no ticket for excessive wearing. The neon-colored flame on a transparent base harmonizes perfectly with the black and white patterns making even Vin Diesel look small in his speedster. Greenlight for a nail look with our neon design Shockwave. This combination is 2 Fast, 2 Furious!

Malibu, Baby!

Attention beach babes: with this design, you will attract more attention on the beach than Pamela Anderson in a red swimsuit. Whether from yellow to orange or pink to orange - thanks to the color gradient with individual black palm tree prints of Malibu, Baby!, your nail look can be changed over and over again. Finished with a layer of our matte Top Coat, even Baywatch cannot save you from the crowds around you.

You better be quick, girl! Cause Malibu, Baby! and Fast Lane are limited and only available in our shop while stocks last.