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For gentle removal:

Remover Serum Kit

Remover Serum Kit

Our oil-based remover serum removes the UV stripes in a few minutes without nail damage

Polyacrylic Acid: Dieser sythetische Stoff ist ein Bindemittel, welches den Zusammenhalt der Farbpigmente unserer UV Gel Streifen gewährleistet.

Acrylates copolymer: Hierbei handelt es sich um einen wasserlöslichen Kunststoff, welcher als Bindemittel den Zusammenhalt der Farbpigmente in unseren Nagellackstreifen gewährleistet. Da es hier um einen wasserlöslichen Kunststoff handelt, versuchen wir schnellstmöglich eine umweltfreundlichere Alternative zu finden.

Glycerine Propoxylate Triacrylate: Bei diesem Inhaltstoff handelt es sich um einen Filmbildner, der als Schutzschicht über deine UV Gel Streifen fungiert und eine lange Haltbarkeit garantiert.

Isopropylthioxanthone: Dieser Stoff ist sorgt dafür, dass die UV Gel Streifen bei Kontakt mit UV Licht aushärten und bildet eine stabile, widerstandsfähige Oberfläche.

Salon-Quality Nails at Your Fingertips

No brushing, no painting

No Drying Time

100% Real Gel Lacquer

The Beauty Trend 2022

Salon-Quality Nails in Minutes

Experience the nail polish revolution yourself with gel polish 2.0! Our Starter Set delivers salon-quality nails that last 3 weeks, guaranteed! Join over 1 million nail transformations and become a part of our satisfied customer community who trust Maniko for flawless, brandless manicures with our innovative gel strips.

"Finally, a dream come true! The gel varnish on these UV gel strips sticks perfectly and is a breeze to remove. Each manicure with these strips gives me salon-quality nails that last up to 3 weeks. I'm beyond thrilled with the results!"

Your Go-To Solution for Beginners and Short Nails

The Perfect Match for Every Nail

With our UV gel strip method, achieving salon-quality nails at home is faster and easier than ever! Now, everyone can flaunt stunning nails in just minutes!

Protection against stress in everyday life

Lasting Strength and Beauty

Experience up to 3 weeks of flawless wear, no chipping, no cracking! Our UV gel strips are perfect for all nail types, even short and thin nails. They provide your natural nails with extra stability, keeping them strong and beautiful.

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The Maniko Team

Our mission? To revolutionize nail care and create the world's best manicure method. We're all about nurturing your nails while saving you time, money, and stress. Our dedicated team of over 12 professionals is committed to delivering top-tier products and exceptional service. Join us on our journey to transform the world of nail care!

Frequently asked questions

Removing the strips always takes a little patience.

Soak the tip of the wooden stick in nail polish remover.

Now carefully lift the UV strips from one side to the other with the wooden stick. You can gently remove individual adhesive residues with our MANIKO nail polish remover and a cotton pad.

Tip: Care for your nails afterwards with MANIKO nail oil.

Alternatively, you can also drip oil between the nail and strip, this also loosens the glue piece by piece.

Our base coat is optional. If you have soft and brittle nails, care is essential. Use our MANIKO Base Coat before your UV application. Care your nails in between with some MANIKO nail oil. Due to the vitamin E contained in it, they grow out stronger.

Our UV strips last up to 3 weeks without chipping.

Our strips can be cut in half and used twice with each end. So almost all hands from one pack get 2 applications

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