I absolutely love these nails!
They're so easy to put on—honestly, I was done in no time at all. And they’re super gentle on my nails, which is so important to me. I've had them on for several days now and not a single chip in sight, which really speaks to how durable they are. It feels like I just walked out of a salon. Plus, you've got to hand it to those German brands, they really know their stuff when it comes to quality!.
– Ashley B.
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US Based Shipping & Free returns

Superior German Quality-Standards

45 days money-back guarantee

Each package contains 20 different sized UV gel nail varnish strips, a nail file, a rosewood stick, two alcohol pads and instructions. Depending on the size of your nails, one package allows you to make up to 4 applications as each strip can be cut in half and used a second time.

✔️100% UV Gel

✔️Easy and fast to apply

✔️Suits every type of nail

✔️Holds up to 3 weeks, without chipping

✔️Easy and gentle removal thanks to the Remover Serum

✔️Works only with UV/LED lamp

UV LED Lamp -  WEEE-Reg.-Nr.: DE 94307615

Maniko - Explained in 2 minutes
What are Maniko Nails?

Whether long, short, oval or square - we love them all and will show you how to get the best out of your nails thanks to our UV Gel Strips:




and without harmful substances

Fits every nail shape

thanks to optimized sizes

Real gel polish

to stick on

The beauty trend for 2024

Beautiful salon nails in minutes

Experience the nail polish revolution for yourself with gel polish 2.0! Our Starter Set contains everything you need to get perfect salon-quality nails that last for 3 weeks! We have already embellished over 1 million nails and thousands of satisfied customers trust Maniko for their brandless manicure with Gel Strips.

"Real gel polish to stick on and also easy to remove. A dream come true. The strips give every manicure studio quality that lasts up to 3 weeks!"

Ideal for beginners and short nails

Maniko is there for all nails

Thanks to the UV Gel Strip method, application is now easier and faster than ever before! Salon beautiful nails from home are finally possible for everyone in minutes!

Protection against everyday stress

Strong and durable

The result promises up to 3 weeks of hold without chipping or cracking! The UV Gel Strips are suitable for all nail types, including short and thin nails, and provide your natural nails with additional stability.

We are Maniko

Your nails are in good hands

Our young team gives 200 percent every day for the beauty of your nails! We step on the gas so that you have it easy when it comes to manicures and pedicures and wake up with the most beautiful nails day after day.


Each pack contains 20 strips in 8 different widths for every nail shape. If you don't have very long nails, you can split the strips in the middle and use them for a second nail. For very wide nails, you can carefully stretch the flexible strips until they fit. This will give you 2 to 4 manicures from each pack.

Removing your Maniko Nails is very easy and gentle: use the Magic Remover Pen, or apply the Remover Serum to the cuticle. Soak the tip of the wooden stick with Remover Serum and now carefully lift the strips from one side (left or right). Now use the soaked stick to further loosen the adhesive layer between the nail and the strip by working from the left or right. Avoid working in the direction of nail growth, soak the stick with Remover Serum again after each movement or brush a drop of Remover Serum under the strip.

Tränke das Holzstäbchen bzw. das Silikon Hufstäbchen des Multi Tools nach jeder Bewegung erneut mit Remover Serum oder streiche mit dem Pinsel einen Tropfen Remover Serum unter den Streifen.

If you have soft and fragile nails, care is the be-all and end-all. Use a base coat or nail hardener before applying your Maniko Nails. You can also treat your nails with a little nail oil in between, just make sure that you thoroughly degrease them again with our prep pad before the manicure.

An additional top coat is not necessary as the Maniko Nails are already printed with a layer of semi-cured UV varnish. This layer hardens 100% after application under the UV lamp, but we have heard from some customers that they like to use an additional (UV) top coat. There is therefore no reason why you should not use an optional (UV) top coat.

As the overhanging end of the Maniko Nails still has to be filed down to the length of the natural nail, Maniko Nails cannot extend the natural nail, but we are working on a solution for nail extension with Maniko Nails.

Yes, you can also use Maniko Nails during pregnancy and breastfeeding, because we place particular importance to the fact that our Maniko Nails do not contain any harmful substances in order to protect you and your baby.

No, Maniko Nails are much gentler than a gel manicure in a nail salon. This is due to the gentle removal without milling, filing or acetone, the only important thing is that you take enough time for the removal and follow the instructions. If your nails are already damaged, you should take good care of them between applications and moisturize them.

If you already have a UV lamp for conventional UV polish, you can also use it for Maniko Nails, but as these lamps are usually quite bulky for studio use, we recommend our lightweight Maniko UV lamp in a compact travel format.

No, because Maniko Nails only require a very low level of radiation to cure. 6W Maniko UV lamps are significantly weaker than a conventional UV lamp in the studio or natural UV light in the sun. In fact, you get more UV radiation in one minute in the sun than in one minute under the Maniko UV lamp. This is why you should not do your manicure with Maniko Nails outdoors, as the natural UV light can harden the Maniko Nails in a matter of seconds. Of course, UV light can have a negative effect on the health of the skin. So if you are already sensitive to the sun or are unsure, you can of course apply sun protection to your fingers.