No more painting over

Always a clean result

No liquids

and no solvent smell

No drying times

Cured in just 1 minute

Quick application

in only 15 minutes

You need:

- Maniko Nails (package contains nail file, wooden sticks and alcohol pads)

- UV lamp

- Nail scissors

To the UV Gel Strips

To the UV LED lamp

Nail scissors

Before application

Avoid direct sunlight!

It is best to do your application indoors, avoiding direct sunlight. The natural UV light outside can cause your UV Gel Strips to harden within seconds.

Step 1:

Remove cuticles & cleanse

Push back your cuticles with the enclosed manicure stick or a cuticle pusher and remove the thin layer of cuticle on your nail bed to extend the durability. Clean your nails thoroughly with the enclosed alcohol pad.

Tip: Wash your hands thoroughly with dish soap before applying to remove any oil residue.

Push back cuticles

Remove oil residues

Step 2:

Choose the right size

Hold the UV Gel Strips over your nail and choose the right size from the 8 different widths. If you are unsure, choose the smaller size. You can carefully stretch the strips to fit your nail shape perfectly.

Tip: If you can't find a suitable size, you can also cut the strips to size or stick them to one side of the nail and carefully stretch them over the remaining nail width.

Step 3:

Stick on UV Gel Strip

Stick the UV Gel Strip on and smooth it down from the center outwards. Do not stick it onto your cuticles.

Step 4:

Cutting and folding

Cut off the overhanging half. It is important not to cut too close to the edge of the nail so that you can still fold the end over. Fold the protruding end under the tip of your nail so that the entire nail edge is covered.

Tip: Depending on the length of your nail, you can use the other half for another nail.


Fold Over

Step 5:

Filing off

Carefully file the folded UV Gel Strip horizontally below the edge of the nail. Always file in one direction so that the strip is not damaged or frayed. Never file the strips vertically in up and down movements.

Tip: If you have difficulties with filing, you can also harden the shortened strips first and then file them off, or cut them to size with nail scissors.

Step 6:

Press down the edges

Press the UV Gel Strips firmly onto your nail at the edges. Use either your fingers or a silicone hoof stick to do this. This will prevent the edges from lifting up as they harden.

Step 7:

Cure under UV LED lamp

Connect the UV LED lamp to a power source. Place your index, middle, ring and little finger in the middle under the UV LED lamp and switch it on. Wait 1 minute. The MANIKO UV LED lamp switches off automatically. Cure your thumbs separately.

After the wearing period

The right removal

Find out all the tips & tricks for the correct and gentle removal of your Maniko Nails here.

To the removal

Do you have any questions?

Are you having problems with the application? Our customer service colleagues will be happy to help you!

Questions & Answers

The Maniko UV Gel Strips contain: Polyacrylic Acid, Acrlylates Copolymer, Glycerine Propoxylate Triacrylate, Isopropylthioxanthone.Maniko UV Gel Strips sind HEMA-free

Removing your Maniko Nails is very easy and gentle: use the Magic Remover Pen, or apply the Remover Serum to the cuticle. Soak the tip of the wooden stick with Remover Serum and now carefully lift the strips from one side (left or right). Now use the soaked stick to further loosen the adhesive layer between the nail and the strip by working from the left or right. Avoid working in the direction of nail growth, soak the stick with Remover Serum again after each movement or brush a drop of Remover Serum under the strip.

If you have soft and fragile nails, care is essential. Use a base coat or nail hardener before application. Make sure that the base coat is completely dry before you apply your Maniko Nails. Treat your nails with a little nail oil in between. If your nails are dry, you can also take a warm, nourishing nail bath with milk and olive oil between applications, just make sure to degrease your nails thoroughly before you start a new manicure with Maniko.

If you already have a UV lamp for conventional UV polish, you can also use it for Maniko Nails, but as these lamps are usually quite bulky for studio use, we recommend our lightweight Maniko UV lamp in a compact travel format.

No, Maniko Nails are much gentler than a gel manicure in a nail salon. This is due to the gentle removal without milling, filing or acetone, the only important thing is that you take enough time for the removal and follow the instructions. If your nails are already damaged, you should take good care of them between applications and moisturize them.

No, because Maniko Nails only require a very low level of radiation to cure. 6W Maniko UV lamps are significantly weaker than a conventional UV lamp in the studio or natural UV light in the sun. In fact, you get more UV radiation in one minute in the sun than in one minute under the Maniko UV lamp. This is why you should not do your manicure with Maniko Nails outdoors, as the natural UV light can harden the Maniko Nails in a matter of seconds. Of course, UV light can have a negative effect on the health of the skin. So if you are already sensitive to the sun or are unsure, you can of course apply sun protection to your fingers.

100% Durability Guarantee

Try Maniko Nails risk-free for 45 days. If it doesn't work out, you'll get 100% of your purchase price refunded. See for yourself!

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