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Our tips to make your MANIKO French Manicure perfect!

Doing the MANIKO French Maniküre is like riding a bike - once you've got it, you won't forget it!

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Each package contains French Tips, which, thanks to their pre-cut shape, facilitate application for any nail length and shape, as well as transparent nail polish strips to seal the manicure.
You can apply our French designs above our nail polish strips, but also on regular nail polish or on your gel nails.

Before you start

It is best to use MANIKO in the evening before going to bed, so that your French Manicure can harden optimally.

Avoid contact with hot water and steam for about 3 hours after your French Manicure. A shower, warm air from a hairdryer or cooking are therefore not recommended.

Are your nails long enough? Your MANIKO manicure works best when your nail edge is about 2mm long.

You will need

a pack of MANIKO French strips, MANIKO Base Coat, MANIKO Top Coat, nail file, scissors, cuticle pusher

Optional: alcohol pad, nail buffer


1. Remove cuticles

Extend the durability of your French Manicure by pushing back your cuticles with a cuticle stick and removing the thin layer of cuticles on your nail bed.

2. Clean

Optionally, smooth your nails with a nail buffer. Wash your nails thoroughly. If you want, you can clean your nails with an alcohol pad.

3. Nourish

Apply the MANIKO Base Coat, which provides your nails with nutrients, nourishes and ensures extended durability.

4. Select white French Tip size

Choose the right white French Tip Strips for your nails from the different sizes. Our tip: If you cannot decide, then select the larger size.


5. Stick on the white French Tip

Stick on the white French Tip Strips on your nail tips. Take special care to stick on the white French Tips without tension. Do not stretch the white French Tips in length or width.
If the white French Tips protrude beyond the sides, you can simply file or cut them off.

6. Shorten

Cut off the protruding half. It is important not to cut too close to the edge of the nails, so that you can still fold the end over. Depending on the length of the nail, you can use the other half for another nail.

7. Fold over

Fold the protruding ends under your nail tips so that the entire nail edges are covered by the French Tips. Make sure not to pull the French Tips lengthwise.

8. File off

Carefully file off the white French Tips horizontally below the nail edge with the MANIKO glass nail file. In this way, you achieve a perfect nail finish. Always file in one direction so that the Strip is not damaged. Never file off the Strips vertically in up and down movements, as this can remove the color layer of the strips.

9. Press on the edges

Press the French Tips firmly onto your nails at the edges. You can use a cuticle pusher for this.

10. Transparent Overlay Strips: Repeat steps 4 - 9

Select the appropriate size from the Overlay strips. Follow the steps 4 - 9 here as well. The use of the transparent Overlay Strips extends the durability of your French Manicure! Make sure that the Overlay Strips do not touch your cuticles when sticking them on. If the Overlay Stips do not lie completely on the lower edge of the French Tip, you can press them on there again with the cuticle pusher.

11. Sealing

Apply one thin layer of MANIKO Top Coat. Avoid applying several layers in a row. Also apply the Top Coat on the tip of your nail and paint a little beyond the edges of your Nail Polish Strip to seal it.


Fresh Up

If you can easily see the tip of your nail after a few days, you can simply file it off with a nail file. To extend the durability, you can apply a thin layer of Top Coat after a couple of days. Again, make sure to spread some top coat on your nail tip and paint over the edges of your French Strips.



Simply soak a cotton pad with our nail polish remover and wipe the Nail Polish Strip from the nail in circular motions with light pressure. Do not pull the Nail Polish Strips off your nails! 


Do you still need help?

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