Stylish and confident into the new year with our Roaring 20s Collection!

Extravagant parties, sultry make-up, short hairstyles with water waves and glittering, short dresses - no decade was as glamorous and opulent as the Golden Twenties. We're celebrating the 100th anniversary of the unforgettable Golden Twenties with a new collection that brings the style and elegance of the era straight to your nails. Raise the curtain on these 5 designs from our very limited Roaring 20s Collection:

Cabaret Noir
The colorful nightlife in smoky jazz clubs and heated dance bars of the Golden Twenties is legendary! Our design Cabaret Noir captures this spirit on your nails. The smoky blue shades paired with cool silver and geometric patterns in art deco style will give your nails an elegant look in no time, and all you need is a glass of chilled champagne. Try Cabaret Noir with a layer of our matte Top Coat to highlight the different shades of blue.

As lively as THE ballroom dance of the 1920s is our Charleston design named after it. The floral art deco pattern in warm rose gold fans out over the transparent base just like the ladies' legs over the dance floor during the Charleston. This design is especially beautiful when combined with warm pinks or reds like Drama Queen, Ebony, or Silky Smooth. So throw a feather boa around your neck and start dancing, honey!

The 1920s was a decade in which women defied the noble rules of society and prevailing fashion standards. A self-confident, cheeky appearance, short hair, and even shorter skirts reigned supreme among the so-called flappers. Our eponymous design with its cool silver art deco pattern is a tribute to this self-confident generation of women. Flapper harmonizes wonderfully with our cool blue and green shades like Eclipse, Maneater, or Peacock and becomes a sophisticated eye-catcher with a matt finish.

Moulin Rouge
If you want to make an unforgettable entrance like Nicole Kidman in the film Moulin Rouge, you should take a look at this design. Inspired by one of the most dazzling cabarets in Paris' Montmartre district, the eponymous Moulin Rouge design reflects the colors of the little windmill at night in wicked Bordeaux red and bold gold. To go with this design, we recommend a layer of our matt Top Coat, a classy corsage, and a lively cancan number ;)

With this design on your nails, the great Gatsby would surely have asked you to dance. Swing is a transparent design with delicate, rose gold crescents that conjures up beautiful reflections on your nails when worn alone. Together with Drama Queen, Swing creates an irresistible nail look that only needs a dashing 20s-style make-up. Let's swing, darling!

When will the Roaring 20s Collection be available?

These 5 designs will be available in our shop on December 16th at and are very limited. Loving all 5 designs? We have something for you, darling! Our Roaring 20s Collection is also available as a set at a special price. As with our previous limited-edition collections, our Roaring 20s Collection will be available in our 18 packs. So if you're looking to spruce up your nails for the (hopefully upcoming) parties, you'll want to get your hands on them fast.