DEBUG - Summer Starter Kit UV

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For gentle removal:

Remover Serum Kit

Remover Serum Kit

Our oil-based remover serum removes the UV stripes in minutes without nail damage


Polyacrylic Acid: This synthetic substance is a binder that ensures the cohesion of the color pigments of our UV gel stripes.

Acrylates copolymer: This is a water-soluble plastic which acts as a binder to ensure the cohesion of the color pigments in our nail polish strips. Since this is a water-soluble plastic, we try to find a more environmentally friendly alternative as soon as possible.

Glycerine Propoxylate Triacrylate: This ingredient is a film-forming agent that acts as a protective layer over your UV gel stripes, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Isopropylthioxanthone: This substance ensures that the UV gel strips harden on contact with UV light and forms a stable, resistant surface.

Nails like from the nail salon

No brushing, no painting

No drying times

100% Real Gel Lacquer

The Beauty Trend 2022

Salon beautiful nails in minutes

Experience the nail polish revolution yourself with gel polish 2.0! Our starter set contains everything you need to get perfect salon-quality nails that last 3 weeks! We have already beautified over 1 million nails and thousands of satisfied customers trust Maniko for their brandless manicure with gel strips.

Julia explains MANIKO in 1 minute:

"Real gel varnish to stick and also still easy to remove. A dream come true. With the strips every manicure gets studio quality that lasts up to 3 weeks!"

Ideal for beginners and short nails

Maniko is there for all nails

Thanks to the UV gel strip method, the application is now easier and faster than ever! Salon beautiful nails from home are finally possible for everyone in minutes!

Protection against stress in everyday life

Strong and long lasting

The result promises up to 3 weeks hold without chipping and cracking! The UV gel strips are suitable for any nail type, even short and thin nails and provides your natural nails with additional stability.

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Young startup with ambitions

The Maniko Team

We have a clear goal to revolutionize the nail polish and develop the best manicure method in the world! Gentle for the nails and without wasting a lot of time, money and nerves. Already over 12 team members work together to guarantee you the highest quality products and the best service!

Frequently asked questions

Removing the strips always takes a little patience.

Soak the tip of the Hoelzstäbchen in Nagellackentfernr.

Now carefully lift the UV strips from one side to the other with the wooden stick. You can gently remove individual adhesive residues with our MANIKO nail polish remover and a cotton pad.

Tip: Care for your nails afterwards with MANIKO nail oil.

Alternatively, you can also drip oil between the nail and strip, this also loosens the glue piece by piece.

Unser Base Coat ist optional. Wenn du weiche und brüchige Nägel hast, ist Pflege das A und O. Verwende dazu gern unseren MANIKO Base Coat vor deiner UV Anwendung.  Pflege deine Nägel zwischendurch mit etwas MANIKO Nagelöl. Durch das darin enthaltene Vitamin E wachsen diese gestärkt heraus.

Unsere UV-Streifen halten bis zu 3 Wochen ohne Absplittern.

Unsere Streifen lassen sich in der Mitte durchschneiden und mit jedem Ende doppelt verwenden. So bekommen fast alle Hände aus einer Packung 2 Anwendungen

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